Monday, November 28, 2011

True Meaning of Yoga
In the spirit of the holiday season, here's a link to a message from Eric Bell of Global One TV about the "true meaning of yoga", a hard copy of which I'll have available in class this week.  I found it quite moving.

Workshop with Sarah Powers
I'm excited to be sharing with you in the upcoming weeks what I've learned from a recent weekend intensive in "Insight Yoga" with Sarah Powers.  She presented an exquisite blend of yin and yang yoga and insight meditation that develops resiliency and strength for the upcoming Winter season.

Boston Globe Article (11/23/11) on Yoga
If you haven't already seen today's Globe article on Yoga, here's a link.  The article describes a number of recent studies on the benefits of yoga, most of which you have probably experienced. However, I find the scientific confirmation of what yogi's have known intuitively for thousands of years interesting and affirming and hope you will too.

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